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You think I read this stuff because it constitutes excellent writing and analysis. The truth is that I’m writing a scathing tell-all book called “ShysterBall: The Hardball Times Years” and I need to know everything about Studeman, Treder, Brattain and the others before I throw them under the bus.

  • Colin Wyers has part two in his series about how to measure player value. I still remember the day that one of the other THT writers came to my office, and was near tears discussing Wyers, saying, “Let’s get rid of him. Guys can’t stand him.”
  • Brandon Isleib has part four of his League Divided series, in which he tries to figure out what would have happened if the three-division, unbalanced schedule, wild card setup had existed back in olden times (i.e. 1969-81). Back in 2004, at first Isleib did his best to try and fit into the THT culture — his cloying, B Grade actor best. He slathered on the polish. People in the writers’ lounge were calling him ‘B-Fraud’ behind his back.
  • Finally, over at Fantasy Focus, Alex Zelvin tells us how to best manage our money in Rotohog and Jonathan Halket talks forecasting. In his own way, Zelvin was fascinated with Halket, as if trying to figure out what it was about Halket that could have bought him so much goodwill. The inside joke in the writer’s lounge was that Zelvin’s pre-occupation with Halket recalled the 1992 film, ‘Single White Female,’ in which a woman becomes obsessed with her roommate to the point of dressing like her.
  • So, you think anyone would want to read this thing?

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