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Things to download and read in the event you happen to be stuck on a cross-country flight tonight. Well, unless you have something cooler to look at.

  • Steve Treder continues his look at lefthanders, this time hitting up the shortstops. And no, I don’t think we’ve reached fetish territory yet. That won’t come unless and until he starts talking about lefthanded first base coaches and peanut vendors and stuff.
  • Josh Kalk is hellaciously thorough in analyzing pitch movement in the high fastball/slow curve sequence. I’ve never met Josh, so for all I know he has three heads and drools highly acidic saliva all over his food before he eats it, but if he’s even slightly to the acceptable side of that, he should get a job on Baseball Tonight or something, because he’s awesome.
  • Over at Fantasy Focus, Paul Singman profiles Josh Fields. I was originally scheduled to do this, but I mucked it up and Singman had to be called in to save the piece. See, rather than actually learn about Fields, I simply tagged him with that Facebook “25 Random Things About Me” meme. The overall results weren’t as satisfying as what Singman has, but I did learn that ever since Fields got out of college, he prefers “chill music” like jazz and stuff to that metal he always used to like when he was younger.
  • Also at Fantasy Focus, Marco Fujimoto delves into how the curious nature of human memory impacts our fantasy baseball decisions. I know exactly where he’s coming from. For example, last year I drafted Grady Sizemore early, but it turns out that I had actually dreamed his entire existence and THERE IS NO SUCH PLAYER.
  • Pfun Pfact! If you watch the video I linked above in slow motion, you can spot a man on the wing of the plane! OK, I’m just kidding you. It’s really a gremlin.

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    Levi Stahl
    Levi Stahl
    Your joke about dreaming Grady Sizemore’s existence gives me license, I think, to relate the dream I had last night: I dreamed that I was looking up my entry at Baseball-Reference to show some friends that yes, I really had played major league baseball—one AB with the Cardinals in 2004, in which I drew a walk—and when my name didn’t turn up after a search I instantly realized that was evidence that someone had hacked the whole internet as part of an evil plan! Believe it or not, almost a full minute elapsed after I woke before I realized that… Read more »