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Things to read while thinking about how long you have to be unemployed before you can start putting down “blogger” as your occupation on official forms . . .

  • Colin Wyers continues his series on how to measure a player’s value. I think the worst thing about this is the table in which it is shown that Jeff Francoeur is even less valuable than Corey Patterson. I mean, I have made so much fun of Corey Patterson over the years that I’m almost bored with it, but according to Colin, he’d be an improvement over a guy on my team. God, I wish the Braves had one legitimate outfielder.
  • Jeff Sackmann breaks down Division I baseball. Don’t worry, though, he puts it back together again.
  • Finally, over at Fantasy Focus, Michael Lerra writes about how to design the perfect keeper league. I like to think that the keeper league I’m in is better than anyone else’s. Why? Because we actually keep the players. Literally. I have Carlos Beltran in my basement chained to a wall at this very moment.

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    Brandon Isleib
    Brandon Isleib

    Are you telling me that Gregor Blanco isn’t your idea of amazing?  I mean, he’s good at taking walks.  Maybe if you sort of dissected Blanco’s walking talent and put it in Francoeur, you’d have something…