Today at THT

Things to read as you sit back and feel all smug about how you’ve put together quite a nice little catching platoon in one of your fantasy leagues:

  • Why does John Walsh hate George Scott? That question — and everything you ever wanted to know about double plays — is answered here.
  • Chase Utley is injured, but he’s still worth drafting right? Hey, if you change your mind, he’s the first in line. Honey he’s still free, take a chance on Ut-ley.
  • Finally, advice is given to those lost at sea in the form of a Fantasy Mailbag. You’ll certainly want to bookmark this one, as it’s a very rare Fantasy Mailbag in which the authors advise a friend to commit suicide.
  • Well, I suppose it could be a nice catching platoon, assuming the right handed side of it actually plays in the big leagues this year.

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    And the catching platoon is?