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Things to read while wondering whether Aragorn ever regretted releasing the Army of the Dead before that final attack on Mordor:

  • John Beamer straightens out all of you knuckleheads who routinely mess up your correlation and your R squared. Me? I never touch the stuff.
  • Chris Jaffe reviews a book by Robert Fitts on Wally Yonamine, the first American-born star in Japanese baseball. Jaffe first heard about this book during a presentation at SABR last year. I was at SABR last year but didn’t see it. I guess I was too busy being seduced by Cleveland’s many charms at the time.
  • Evan Brunell’s Lost in Transactions runs down last week’s doings. Of note: Kansas City released Neal Musser. I find this interesting because I once played a character named Owen Musser in a high school play. In my last scene I had to wear a KKK robe. Except no one could really make one look right, so I ended up looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost. A redneck, racist, Casper the Friendly Ghost.
  • Over at Fantasy Focus, Victor Wang looks at which players will be overrated in fantasy this year. I always try to avoid these kinds of guys, which is why I go straight for the scrubs.
  • Finally, Derek Carty looks at pitchers who experienced more than their share of bad luck last year. Brian Bannister is on this list. I have absolutely nothing against Bannister, but part of me really hopes that he doesn’t bounce back this year because I’d much rather have Posnanski devote his considerable skills to writing about anything other than Brian Bannister every five days.

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