Today at THT

Things to read as you wonder whether your kids would be in a constant state of contracting and/or getting over colds from October through April if you didn’t live in the Midwest:

  • Sean Smith has five questions about the Los Angeles Angels. Question number six: Is this cleared up yet?
  • Josh Kalk looks at some lesser known pitchers from Korea and Japan. And you should look at this article, because as Josh notes, it’s the last one you’ll see from him at THT for the foreseeable future. He doesn’t explain why, but I’m pretty sure it’s because, like Poochie, his own planet needs him.
  • Peter Schilling interviews Paul Dickson, the author/editor of the Dickson Baseball Dictionary. Such a beast has to be an absolutely gigantic freaking undertaking, and to reward Mr. Dickson for his hard work, I think one of you should buy it for me.
  • Over at Fantasy Focus, Eriq Gardner asks whether Auto Pick is evil. He tends to think not, but that’s what they said about SkyNET, and we all saw what happened when it became self-aware.
  • Finally, Paul Singman has some various fantasy tidbits. This article is really more for your wife or girlfriend, inasmuch as it presents the kind of information that, should you find yourself spending time independently researching it, will likely get you dumped in short order. Ask yourself: is knowing Emmanuel Burriss’ status really worth the end of your relationship?

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