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As you may have seen already, THT’s John Brattain has died unexpectedly. I’ve known John, in that way you know people on the Internet, for seven or eight years, and he’s one of the few guys who literally made me laugh out loud. His sense of humor was right up my alley: punny, a little sick, and indefatigable. No matter how dark the subject matter, you could always count on John to crack wise, and I have full confidence that if any of us had died, he’d have some inappropriate yet hilarious comment about it all.

Unfortunately, I don’t have half the game John Brattain had, and my funny seems to have escaped me in light of this awful news. As a result, I have no wise cracks at the ready for today’s links.

I don’t know what happens after we die, but if we retain some existence somewhere, I know John is shaking his head in disappointment, and somehow arranging things so I bend over and split my pants or something later today. I’ll accept that. Just know, John, that if that happens and if the THT editors go all Tupac on you and start publishing your unfinished drafts posthumously, I’m going to freaking brutalize them in this space.

Wait, that’s no revenge. You’d like that. Crap.

  • Brian Borawski has five questions about the Detroit Tigers.
  • Chris Needham has five questions about the Washington Nationals.
  • Over at Fantasy Focus, Derek Carty wonders whether Nate McClouth is a case of smoke and mirrors.
  • Finally, Michael Lerra plays fantasy roster doctor.
  • A fantastic, impromptu tribute to and remembrance of John can be found on this BTF thread.

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