Waiver Wire efficiency: Runs

The pickings are slim if you need help with runs. Most of the high run guys are owned, and many of the guys that are available probably won’t score many more runs than the guy he’ll be replacing on your team (and who also probably has more overall value). If your trade deadline hasn’t passed and David DeJesus isn’t available, you need to move quickly before your league-mates who need runs realize this. If your deadline has passed, try for one of these guys.


David DeJesus | KC | OF | 9.9% – A two-time member of this series, DeJesus is probably your best bet for runs. Has a good walk rate and his batting average should come up, allowing him to get on base even more. Already has 85 runs, so DeJesus could be a big difference-maker in your league. Everyone else with over 71 runs is owned in at least 93% of leagues.

Luis Castillo | NYM | 2B | 6.8% – The new Mets second baseman should be a good bet for runs. A little undervalued because of his current total of 65. His rate should pick up, though, as he now has the likes of Carlos Beltran, David Wright, and Carlos Delgado batting behind him. Doesn’t have much power and his speed isn’t what it used to be, but he should help with runs and with batting average and steals a little bit.

Jason Bartlett | MIN | SS | 1.6% – Another two time member, Bartlett is still on the DL. He’s a middle infielder to keep in mind when he returns in September. He takes a decent amount of walks and his batting average should increase. When it does and he starts getting on base more, his run ratio should increase batting at the top of the Twins lineup.

J.D. Drew | BOS | OF | 23.3% – Missed time in April, but in May, June, July, and August he averaged 14 runs per month. Over a full season, that would be 84 runs. That should be helpful in certain leagues, especially considering how few options we have. He’s been batting fifth recently, though, which might keep that run ratio down. Has scored 6 runs so far this month, so — in full-season terms — you should maybe only expect 70-75 runs or so.

Kenny Lofton | CLE | OF | 11.8% – Doesn’t play every game and has only stolen one base since the beginning of July. If he’s tired and his speed is waning, his runs might take a hit too. Not a great option, but if you’re desperate enough you could try Lofton. Won’t help with power, but he’s a good contact hitter.

Concluding thoughts

Again, it’s a short list and — unfortunately — is so for a different reason than with home runs. With home runs, there were guys like Jack Cust and Jonny Gomes who could seriously help. For runs, it’s just because there aren’t a lot of available options. If guys like Ryan Theriot, Chris B. Young, or Mark Teahen are available, they would be good options too, but their ownership levels are higher than our exercise dictates.

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