Wanna be a Braves Blogger?

Alex Remington over at the Braves’ blog, Chop-n-Change, is looking for some help:

Since Will Schaffer’s retirement this winter, our writing staff (Kristi, me, and our occasional guest posters) has been a bit short-handed, and we’d love to bring another new regular writer aboard. We’re looking for someone with passion, writing talent, and the commitment to write multiple posts a week about the team. The gig doesn’t pay, but it’s a great way to get your voice in front of thousands of other Braves fans.

So what are we looking for? Intelligence and the ability to write clearly are key, obviously. (Being a diehard Braves fan isn’t absolutely required. But it helps. We are.) If you have any personal expertise in scouting, statistics, prospect evaluation, or pitching or hitting mechanics, we’d love to see that. You’ll be joining a team, so you don’t have to know everything or do everything. Find the thing you can do best, and write about it for us. If we like it, you’re on the team. It’s that easy.

He’s accepting sample submissions between now and June 26th on the subject(s) of Nate McLouth and Tommy Hanson. I have nothing to do with the audition process but here’s some advice: any post that touches on Gene Garber, Skip Caray, the fat Brian Hunter, Jose Alvarez and Chief Nok-a-Homa will probably have a leg up on the competition.

Click through for details.

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Wooden U. Lykteneau
Wooden U. Lykteneau

Just don’t point out that Atlanta only won 11 division titles in a row. Braves fans don’t take kindly to that truth.