Where to Burn One

Sometimes I worry that my professional writing aspirations are hampered by the fact that I am mostly just interested in writing about baseball. Yeah, it’s the world to us, but if you look at the numbers of it all, baseball writing constitutes darn little traffic on the old information superhighway, relatively speaking. Will someone pay me to do this full time one day? Am I really reaching enough eyes out there?

Then I realize that there are folks getting paid to write about topics far more narrow than just baseball. Such as where to enjoy a cigar while watching baseball:

Here’s the sad truth: Not one team from a cigar-producing nation remains in the World Baseball Classic. The happy truth is that the semifinal games and final are being hosted by Los Angeles and Dodger Stadium. Of all the cities in which this year’s classic has been played, L.A. is not as cigar-unfriendly as you might think. The City of Angels is actually very tolerant of cigar lovers . . .

. . . My favorite place to enjoy a cigar in L.A. while watching a ballgame is at the Buena Vista Cigar Club & Lounge in Beverly Hills. This place is owned by Cubans who love baseball and watching the Cuban team lose to Japan here was quite the thing.

OK, it’s really more of an ad than an article and, rather than depending on his prose to pay the rent, the dude writing it owns a restaurant. Still, it’s comforting to see that there is more esoteric stuff than what I’m writing out there. Almost as comforting as knowing where I can burn a big stinky cigar and watch a ballgame if I’m so inclined.

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Robert Antonielli
Robert Antonielli

Mr C,

Loved your final comment on Nolan Ryan in your piece on his bank.

32 excess victories in a 27 year career hardly make him God, but other than my brother and I we’ve rarely found anyone with the balls to say he’s overrated.

Pretty good pitcher, absolutely; just not the pitcher we’d want in a must win game against a good, veteran team.

Thanks for the honesty.


Hm. PNC? I’ll bring the cigars.