Worst Monday: Balloting open

A broad slate of games yesterday, including five teams that scored 10 runs or more. Will the hitting outweigh the pitching? How low will this week’s winning score be? Will it even be negative? Let’s find out.

Entering’s a snap:

1. Send an email to

2. Put Worst Monday in the subject line along with your Monday point total.

3. Attach a screen shot of your roster and their points scored for Monday. (You can paste the screen shot in a Word document and attach that.) We need the screen shot—don’t spell out the tallies in the email.

4. Add brief biographical material.

We’ll sift through the entries & give the lowest score on Wednesday. Each weekly winner gets a year of Heater Magazine. The winner with the lowest score for the season gets a free copy of the 2010 Graphical Player, coming out in December.

Also, we wanted to recognize the winners from Week 5, John Kral and Ricardo Elorza. Only one of the two owned Johnny Cueto, but both were undone by starting pitching.

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