Worst Monday: Week 4 results

Reader Jim Ulbrich on Monday sent forth nine batters—well, he hired nine batters to go forth. Most of them took the money and ran:

                 Monday's result
J.D. Drew           3-for-5
Bobby Abreu         2-for-4
7 other batters     0-for-28

Making things worse is that Jim plays in a linear-runs league in which all outs are negative. As a result, Jim’s team put up -5 points. For his efforts, Jim receives a year’s subcription to Heater Magazine. The race for the overall prize, a free copy of the 2010 Graphical Player, is still led by two past winners who recorded -5.7 points.

Of the other entrants, we are also going to recognize Brian Mills. Brian actually finished Monday with 1 point, which would have been a stroll on the beach for Jim Ulbrich; Brian’s problem is that his opponent scored 65.5 points, for a Monday deficit of 64.5 points. That’ll happen when your opponent runs out Tim Lincecum, and you run out Rick Porcello. For Brian’s efforts, we will also be setting him up with a subscription to Heater.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

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Great…I can’t even win a Sucking Contest outright.  Thanks guys.


Awesome, at least something good came of out of Monday – actually my team did even worse yesterday which is pretty unbelievable. Thanks.