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Eric Smith  10/15/1988P
Eric Smith  10/10/1990C/DH
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  • Eveland and Smith Paying Dividends
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 5/1/2008 -  3
    it was time to rebuild and sent Haren to the desert for six prospects: Dana Eveland, Carlos Gonzalez, Brett Anderson, Gregory Smith, Aaron Cunningham, and Chris Carter. Many had only heard of Eveland

  • Smith and Damon: Waiver Wire
    in RotoGraphs by Dan Wade - 8/30/2011 -  3
    -- he hits nearly as well on the road as he does at home -- but that doesn’t mean Smith is a set-and-forget player. He’s set in a platoon with Eric Young Jr., which keeps him facing righties, and while

  • Skyrocket Smith
    in NotGraphs by Mississippi Matt Smith - 3/19/2013 -  7
    The Rocket's glare. That's him at top left. Today is the 145th birthday of Skyrocket Smith, first baseman for the 1888 Louisville Colonels, and namesake of my next-born child. These Colonels

  • The Fall of the House of Smith
    in NotGraphs by Mississippi Matt Smith - 4/17/2014 -  6
    a light upon a matter of EVEN GREATER URGENCY, as well as acute personal interest. I write of the Fall of the House of Smith. Remember the halcyon days of the late eighties? (Unsettlingly, some

  • Weighing Dee Gordon
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 9/29/2010 -  32
    ) Dee Gordon is really skinny. I've searched for the best image evidence I can find -- try here or here -- but it's really something that must be seen to be believed. Someone pointed out to me that Eric

  • The Next Step
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 2/25/2010 -  18
    Smith. Templeton provided insane value to the Cardinals. In fact, in their first seven seasons, Garry Templeton produced 20.5 WAR. Ozzie Smith, who peaked in Years 7-12 of his career, produced just

  • Staring Down the Sinkerballers, Part One
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 1/19/2010 -  36
    We're really excited to introduce you to the newest writer to join the FanGraphs team - Bryan Smith. He's covered minor league and college baseball for nearly every site on the planet, and we're

  • The Next First Round Third Basemen
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 6/4/2010 -  6
    ) 2003 - Chris Lubanski (PA), Eric Duncan (NJ) 2001 - Joe Mauer (MN) 2000 - Rocco Baldelli (RI), Corey Smith (NJ), Scott Thorman (Canada), Aaron Herr (PA) Even there, you can see that New Jersey

  • Say Heyward in May
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 3/4/2010 -  44
    On Tuesday, R.J. Anderson wondered aloud if Eric Hinske could serve as a mentor for Jason Heyward with the Braves this season in a similar capacity that he did with Evan Longoria and the Rays in 2008

  • Daily Notes: A Brief Review of Burch Smith's Second Start
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 5/18/2013 -  12
    Table of Contents Here's the table of contents for today's edition of the Daily Notes. 1. Brief Review: Burch Smith's Second Start 2. Today's MLB.TV Free Game 3. Today's Complete Schedule

  • Building a Farm: National League West
    in FanGraphs by Mark Smith - 3/21/2013 -  9
    Medium Aaron Miller RHP 19.50 29 45.0 2.0 Medium Josh Wall RHP 21.00 30 45.0 2.0 Medium Blake Smith OF 24.50 31 45.0 2.0 Medium Jeremy Rathjen OF 24.50 32 45.0

  • Drafting the Third Plus Pitch
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 6/7/2010 -  8
    Eric Parker told me. As a freshman, Wimmers appeared in 25 games in relief, posting a 4.50 ERA, with a 51/31 K/BB ratio in 40 innings. "I had talked to him about adding a third pitch, but his curve

  • First Round History: Third (And Second) Base
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 6/3/2010 -  8
    36.1 U David Wright 33.9 HS Mark Teixeira 33.4 U Eric Chavez 32.0 HS Pat Burrell 21.2 U Phil Nevin 18.1 U Dmitri

  • Organizational Rankings: Future Talent - Kansas City
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 3/15/2010 -  21
    for a successful future. Top ten picks yield prospects, and while neither Alex Gordon or Mike Moustakas or Eric Hosmer have yet had the success for which they were projected, each still harbors reasons

  • Organizational Rankings: Future Talent - Oakland
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 3/22/2010 -  24
    on defense alone, so the A's should be willing to put up with a league average bat. Whether it's Jemile Weeks or Eric Sogard, Rajai Davis or Adrian Cardenas, I see a lot of guys that will struggle

  • Alternate Reality: Need-Based Mock Draft
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 5/4/2010 -  6
    for projectable prep pitchers. The breakouts of Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas are encouraging, but search far and wide, and you don't see outfielders anywhere in this system. This draft doesn't line up

  • Building the Farm: American League West
    in FanGraphs by Mark Smith - 3/12/2013 -  35
    - - - Daniel Tillman RHP 13.17 17 45.0 3.0 High Eric Stamets SS/2B 13.80 18 50.0 3.0 High Eswarlin Jimenez LHP 14.00 19 - - - Andrew Romine SS/2B 14.00 20 40.0 1.0

  • Organizational Rankings: Future Talent - Milwaukee
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 3/26/2010 -  5
    much time in the minors and because they were never very consistent in college: Eric Arnett, Kyle Heckathorn. Because of my proximity to their high schools, I have some hope for Jake Odorizzi and Cody

  • What We Learned from MiLB: Week Four
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 5/6/2010 -  13
    Eric Surkamp, who continues to be brilliant in all three FIP categories. The Richmond Flying Squirrels, the Giants new Double-A affiliate, are 15-11 despite little contributions from actual

  • Colvin and Boesch Going Forward
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 7/2/2010 -  69
    1995-2009: Chris Duncan - 2006 Garrett Jones - 2009 Matt Joyce - 2008 Jay Gibbons - 2001 Andy Tracy - 2000 Jody Gerut - 2003 Mike Jacobs - 2005-2006 Chris Davis - 2008 Brad Wilkerson - 2002 Eric

  • Historical Position Adjustments
    in FanGraphs by Sean Smith - 1/26/2009 -  9
    . In the 1980’s we had Rickey!, Tim Raines, Vince Coleman, Willie Wilson, and Gary Redus playing left field. I’m sure there were some terrible left fielders back then as well, and guys like Carl Crawford, Eric

  • Good Developments on the KC farm
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 4/27/2010 -  9
    . Surely none more than former first-round pick Eric Hosmer, who reached base four times last night to increase his batting line to a rather ridiculous .446/.532/.631. Hosmer has drawn 12 walks in 78 plate

  • Nick Franklin's Historic Season
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 9/10/2010 -  2
    directions, be it the route of Miguel Cabrera or the route of Eric Duncan. By any account, we know that Franklin is one odd duck that just completed a season for the ages. The company he's put himself

  • The Midwest Wasteland
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 9/10/2010 -  19
    with a really good contact rate that isn't historic, but it's certainly really good. Add in the fact that his power is still coming -- I'd compare it to what Eric Hosmer did at the level

  • AFL Thoughts: Tuesday BP
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 10/27/2010 -  3
    batting averages. It's still definitely Ackley ahead of Kipnis in that race. To return the discussion to where it began -- this is what the great writers do, I'm told -- seeing Eric Thames (Blue Jays

  • Dreamweaving the Draft
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 6/8/2010 -  12
    Knoblauch, Eric Young or Chad Curtis. 9. Karsten Whitson, RHP, San Diego Padres Skills they love: Very good slider, projectable velocity. They'll be hoping for production that looks like: I think

  • Futures Game Preview: The U.S. Hitters
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 7/8/2010 -  10
    West Coast shortstop, Espinosa or Green, will show better pop in BP. Eric Hosmer | 1B | Kansas City Royals | Age 20 | High-A (Carolina) .356 AVG / .431 OBP / .551 SLG | 41 BB / 33 K | 350 PA

  • Building a Farm: National League Central
    in FanGraphs by Mark Smith - 3/28/2013 -  26
    OF 16.67 23 50.0 3.0 High CJ McElroy OF 17.00 24 50.0 3.0 High Starlin Rodriguez 2B 17.50 25 - - - Eric Fornataro RHP 17.50 26 45.0 2.0 Medium Seth Maness RHP

  • Fantasy Sleepers
    in NotGraphs by Mississippi Matt Smith - 3/11/2014 -  6
    Edward Mujica, BOS Brett Gardner, NYY Eric Chavez, ARI Tommy Lasorda, free agent

  • Pfft, Who Needs A Good K/BB?
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 7/10/2008 -  9
    of talent heading to Oakland. Earlier in the season, when discussing the Dan Haren move, I noted how Dana Eveland and Gregory Smith, just one third of the return from Arizona, were performing quite

  • Four Reasons - Aaron Heilman Edition
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 5/27/2008 -  3
    into games, giving the Mets three relievers with 23+ games: Pedro Feliciano (26), Heilman (24), and Joe Smith (23). Unlike Feliciano and Smith, Heilman is not a specialist reliever and therefore has accrued

  • When OBP > SLG
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 9/16/2008 -  11
    either must play Ozzie Smith-caliber defense, or serve as a menace on the basepaths. As we might expect, while these five combine for just about half the amount of home runs Ryan Howard has over

  • A Look Ahead: The Braves And Free Agency
    in FanGraphs by Ben Nicholson-Smith - 1/31/2011 -  51
    This is the first of a series of guest posts that we'll be publishing from Ben Nicholson-Smith, one of the lead writers for MLB Trade Rumors. The guys over at MLBTR have an interesting perspective

  • Do Prospect Busts Ever Reach Their Potential?
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 5/13/2011 -  42
    upon such players resolving their issues. *The full list of these 21 players: Jose Guillen, Vinny Castilla, Damion Easley, Eric Karros, David Ortiz, Matty Alou, Don Demeter, Rick Dempsey, Jim

  • Trade Targets: First Base and Designated Hitter
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 5/31/2011 -  36
    version of Eric Hinske: big bat off the bench with some starts thrown in. And don't discount the possibility that Willingham also could play the outfield in Atlanta, given that Joe Mather has started

  • More Mopping Up
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 11/22/2008 -  29
    /Royals), 0.426 Jon Lieber (Cubs), 0.436 Lance Cormier (Orioles), 0.445 Billy Sadler (Giants), 0.464 Ryan Rowland-Smith (Mariners), 0.478

  • Hi, I'm Eric and This Is My Malcolm X Baseball Card
    in NotGraphs by Eric Augenbraun - 5/31/2011 -  4
    It's a well-known adage of our time that NotGraphs contributors "are always hired in pairs." Yesterday, we introduced the readership to Mr. Patrick Dubuque. Today, we present the debut of Mr. Eric

  • The Unheralded Bunch
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 5/21/2008 -  3
    Due to Greg Smith and Dana Eveland making headlines for contributing so early into the Dan Haren trade, Kentucky Joe does not get much love. As his numbers above indicate, he probably deserves some

  • Milestones That Might Not Trigger a HoF Election
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 6/17/2011 -  95
    will play a starring role. Some have compared him to Ozzie Smith in that neither hit all that well, but both were exemplary fielders for an extended period of time. While it would take Vizquel almost

  • The All-Time Royalty All-Stars
    in NotGraphs by Mississippi Matt Smith - 8/16/2012 -  14
    : Zach Duke (71), Nellie King (72), Mike "The Polish Prince" Krukow (85), Mel Queen (86), Eric King (90), "Prince Hal" Schumacher (96), Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma (Cal) McLish (97

  • Me & Ed
    in NotGraphs by Mississippi Matt Smith - 8/20/2013 -  6
    ! Expert" Eric Adelson the job of describing the feeling of this moment: The team flew together in high-fives and hugs, and Lucas felt "hot" – the physical feeling when all your emotions rush together

  • Chinese Postgame Quotes: 5/30 Edition
    in NotGraphs by Mississippi Matt Smith - 5/31/2012 -  11
    ." - Mike Matheny "I can see it all matters." - Freddie Freeman Notes: Warriors increase in the eighth off Jason jungle, the Council set up two points and Eric Hinske and Bern from all walks of life

  • Chinese Postgame Quotes: 2014 Preview Edition
    in NotGraphs by Mississippi Matt Smith - 4/1/2014 -  21
    , we say." - Eric Mo Hawes "You're in a fun, but we all-star game Baseball instead of waiting began to break, so it must be the first day. I believe that the nature of the person has a good team

  • The Overlooked Seth Smith
    in RotoGraphs by David Wiers - 4/8/2015 -  6
    An apology is due here, and I'm sorry. I whiffed on Seth Smith in my American League outfield rankings, even though those are mostly for 5x5 formats. I nearly blanked on him in my home league as I

  • Free Seth Smith
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 6/25/2009 -  25
    Yesterday, we talked about Troy Tulowitzki powering the Rockies resurgence in June. While he's the main reason, he's not the only cog in the Colorado offense having a good month. Seth Smith

  • Seth Smith Heads West
    in RotoGraphs by Erik Hahmann - 1/18/2012 -  1
    . Just ask Vinny Castilla or Dante Bichette. Unfortunately for Seth Smith he’ll no longer have that luxury as he’s now a member of the Oakland A’s. Transitioning from Coors’ Field to the Oakland

  • The Brewers, Will Smith, and a Breakthrough
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 12/6/2013 -  19
    , the Royals gave the Brewers Will Smith. It's a low-profile transaction, considerably lower-profile even than the earlier Dexter Fowler trade, but what makes the trade worth taking about are the signs

  • Lee Smith and the Hall of Fame
    in FanGraphs by Wendy Thurm - 1/10/2012 -  40
    Yes, I admit it. That's a pretty neutral headline. Doesn't tell you whether I think Lee Smith is worthy of the Hall of Fame. Because I don't really know. Smith appears to be more qualified than

  • Meme Attempt: Eric Sogard
    in NotGraphs by Dayn Perry - 12/1/2011 -  4
    Thinking man's base ball-ist Eric Sogard is, natch, something of a local hero on these electric pages. So because of his heroism and because he is indubitably a Thing That Contains Multitudes, we

  • Quick Thoughts on Iwakuma and Smith
    in RotoGraphs by J.P. Breen - 3/21/2014 -  7
    rate. If you're content to stash Iwakuma on the DL for a few weeks at the beginning of the season, he could be a nice injury-sleeper on draft day. LHP Will Smith, Milwaukee Brewers

  • Why Bryan Smith Writes
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 5/14/2010 -  14
    be sharing their responses in these electronic pages. What follows is the product of a lightly edited email correspondence with Bryan Smith. In addition to being a bona fide prospect maven, Smith

  • Adam Smith Discusses Baseball
    in NotGraphs by Patrick Dubuque - 11/2/2012 -  11
    “Let’s start with pins,” Adam Smith says. "You want pins? The little metal things? Cost a couple of cents each? Sure. But let’s say you can’t go to the store. Let’s say there is no store, so

  • An Etherview with Sean "CHONE" Smith
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 1/5/2010 -  18
    If you read FanGraphs, you're probably familiar with Sean Smith's work. Mr. Smith is the progenitor of the CHONE projection system, hosted annually here at FanGraphs and also at his own website

  • Liriano and Smith: Waiver Wire
    in RotoGraphs by Dan Wade - 6/21/2012 -  9
    . Seth Smith (ESPN: 10 percent owned; Yahoo!: 7 percent owned) It makes complete sense for a hitter who leaves Colorado for the spacious grounds in Oakland to have a higher OPS after he lands, right

  • Introducing to NotGraphs: Mississippi Matt Smith
    in NotGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 3/1/2012 -  4
    Please note, for your records, that Mississippi Matt Smith is the newest contributor to NotGraphs and submitted his first, uh, submission to our electronic pages earlier today. Note, additionally

  • The Irrational Exuberance of Eric Byrnes
    in NotGraphs by Dayn Perry - 6/30/2011 -  3
    If you've ever longed to see Eric Byrnes tear up Harold Reynolds like a parking ticket, then today, God-fearer, is your lucky-best day ... [embed]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vk8iZ7OyP6I

  • Burch Smith and the Problem of Holding Velocity
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 12/18/2014 -  8
    Right-hander Burch Smith has been traded from San Diego to Tampa Bay. "Will he start or not?" is a question a person might reasonably ask about that. What follows is an attempt to answer the question

  • Seth Smith's Platoon Split as a Crisitunity
    in FanGraphs by Matt Klaassen - 11/28/2011 -  9
    Despite the prestige of being 2011's Most Average Player, Colorado Rockies outfielder Seth Smith has been the subject of trade rumors since the end of the season. Trading Smith might be a good idea

  • Oakland Finishes Outfield With Seth Smith
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 1/16/2012 -  41
    It seemed like only a matter of time until Seth Smith was shipped out of Colorado. The Rockies have depth in the outfield and the demand for a player of Smith's caliber was there. A suitor finally

  • Mustache Watch: Eric Chavez
    in NotGraphs by Navin Vaswani - 8/4/2011 -  8
    Yes, I'm positive that's not Don Mattingly. And, no, I couldn't find a better picture of Eric Chavez's new mustache. But it's there. Look closely, and you can see it. And it's not just any

  • Eulogizing the Departed: Bill Smith Fired
    in FanGraphs by Brandon Warne - 11/8/2011 -  22
    The first domino has fallen following a cataclysmic 2011 season in Twins Territory, as General Manager Bill Smith was dismissed from the position on Monday. Philosophical differences were cited

  • Mustache Watch: Eric Berger
    in NotGraphs by Dayn Perry - 9/4/2012 -  18
    Indians prospect Eric Berger has a mustache. Let us crush the uprising. Let us check our chained pocket watch before signing the railroad deed. Let us agree not to speak

  • Ozzie Smith Did Something the Best
    in NotGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 9/28/2011 -  3
    -- suggest that the character is based, at least in part, on Ozzie Smith. Because his peak ended before I was really aware of him, I never got a chance to see Smith with any frequency. But his

  • Elements Of Eric Sogard's Wikipedia
    in NotGraphs by Jack Moore - 10/3/2011 -  5
    Observe, the Wikipedia page of one Eric Sogard: (Click to embiggen. Like, a lot.) Now, allow me to highlight some notable elements of said Wikipedia page. 1. I hadn't heard this nickname

  • Eric Hacker's 15 Minutes
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 11/10/2010 -  9
    Signs that the uneventful portion of the offseason is upon us: Eric Hacker stole the spotlight for about an hour’s span yesterday. There are a lot of starting points in most acquisitions

  • Eric Hosmer's BABIP
    in RotoGraphs by Jeff Zimmerman - 5/23/2012 -  20
    Eric Hosmer has been a huge disappointment this season with a 0.174/0.243/0.316 slash line. Most of his problems stem from a 0.169 BABIP. I am going to look to see if there are any under lying

  • A Brief Note about Seth Smith
    in FanGraphs by Paul Swydan - 12/31/2014 -  9
    The Padres didn't need Seth Smith, and traded him to the Mariners. The Mariners are getting themselves a nice little hitter, especially against right-handed pitching. Jeff will likely have more

  • Diamondbacks Sign Eric Chavez
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 12/5/2012 -  15
    The third base market continues to clear. Eric Chavez is now off the market, as the Diamondbacks signed the veteran to a one-year, $3 million deal Wednesday. As the contract suggests, Chavez

  • Eric Hosmer's Hacking
    in RotoGraphs by David Golebiewski - 2/17/2012 -  20
    Eric Hosmer is a trendy fantasy pick this spring, and for good reason. The Royals first baseman batted .293/.334/.465 during his age-21 season, providing decent power (19 homers) and uncommon speed

  • Revisiting Eric Chavez' Extension
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 5/21/2009 -  32
    Eric Chavez’ career could be coming to a close soon. The list of injuries associated with Chavez is long and tiresome and this news has simply thrown gas on a debate just as silly; whether Billy

  • Eric Gagne Dominated Righties
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 2/9/2010 -  22
    Eric Gagne's run from 2002 to 2004 is historic. Over this three-year period, the goggled Canadian saved a staggering 152 games against only 6 blown saves, including a streak of 84 straight. Gagne

  • Eric Jagielo Developing Approach
    in RotoGraphs by Jessica Quiroli - 8/20/2013 -  1
    Brooklyn, New York -- Eric Jagielo measures up, literally, like a New York Yankee. At 6'2", weighing 195 he fits the mold. So does the power he projects. But in his first professional season

  • Q&A: Eric Hosmer
    in FanGraphs by David Laurila - 11/16/2011 -  11
    Eric Hosmer finished third in this year’s American League Rookie-of-the-Year balloting, but you might not want to bet against his going on to have a better career than the players who finished one

  • Eric Hosmer Gets the Call
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 5/6/2011 -  84
    to the conclusion that Ka'aihue is no Eric Hosmer. Yesterday, they made the switch official, swapping the two between Triple-A and the majors, and Hosmer will take over at first base for the Royals

  • Arguing With Myself: Eric Hosmer
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 12/5/2011 -  10
    the merits of Eric Hosmer, with my friends Bull and Bear starring in the show. Bull: 3rd place in the ROY voting, 19 home runs in 523 ABs while hitting .293. Sounds darn good to me! Bear: 19

  • Eric Hosmer: BABIP Stooge
    in RotoGraphs by Howard Bender - 10/17/2012 -  12
    Scroll a little more than halfway down Zach Sanders' End of Season First Base Rankings, and there at number 31 you'll find Kansas City Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer with a measly $1 value attached

  • The Powerless and Speedless Eric Hosmer
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 10/14/2014 -  9
    Like seemingly every Royals hitter at some point in the last couple of years, we have been waiting for a major Eric Hosmer breakout since he debuted in 2011. He teased us with his power potential

  • Q&A: Seth Smith, Evolution of an Approach
    in FanGraphs by David Laurila - 5/6/2013 -  5
    Seth Smith continues to mature as a hitter. Despite a recent cool stretch, the 30-year-old Oakland A’s outfielder is off to a .283/.366/.455 start. A career year may be in the offing, as well

  • Is Something Wrong With Ryan Rowland-Smith?
    in Community by Brendan Gawlowski - 5/21/2010 -  5
    -Smith were healthy and prepared to start.  What a difference forty days can make. Doug Fister and Jason Vargas have been among the few pleasant surprises in Seattle this season, while RRS has seemingly

  • Scheming For Relief: Osuna, Baez and Smith
    in RotoGraphs by Alan Harrison - 4/10/2015 -  10
    batters to just one hit, while striking out three and notching two holds. Carson Smith | Seattle Mariners | 1% (Y!), .2% (E) Smith is a hard throwing, lanky, right-hander that has more than 40

  • Great Moments in Spectacles: Eric Sogard
    in NotGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 3/22/2011 -  5
    Reader and writer Bryz directs us to this image of Eric Sogard (from the latter's MLB.com page), whose omission from Team Joy Squad may or may not represent an error on the part of this author.

  • Greg Smith: Scouting the Pirates Draft
    in FanGraphs by David Laurila - 2/22/2012 -  7
    Thanks to an infusion of high-profile prospects into the pipeline, there is a light at the end of tunnel in Pittsburgh. Scouting director Greg Smith has brought some elite talent into the system

  • Eric Sogard Meme: Urgent Addition
    in NotGraphs by Dayn Perry - 12/2/2011 -  4
    Ultimately, I blame myself. I thought the first attempt at the Eric Sogard Meme was complete enough, if not entirely exhaustive. But there was one so conspicuous in its absence that it rendered

  • Eric Davis's Rather Large Firearm
    in NotGraphs by Dayn Perry - 7/1/2011 -  8
    that they are best symbolized by a large gun. The other, less obvious explanation is that the streets of Cincinnati are afflicted and in need of taking back. And so desperate are conditions that only Eric Davis

  • Covert Colorado OF, Pt. 2: Seth Smith
    in RotoGraphs by David Golebiewski - 3/25/2009 -  1
    time for the Rox: Ryan Spilborghs and Seth Smith. While neither comes with the championship-caliber upside of a Holliday nor the scouting pedigree of a Fowler, Spilborghs and Smith could provide

  • Seth Smith Would Be Great Fit for Mariners
    in Community by Brian Baker - 12/19/2014 -  5
    remaining $105 million on his contract...), the San Diego Padres find themselves with an opportunity to move 2014 right fielder Seth Smith. Kemp's days as an everyday center fielder have long passed

  • ALCS Game 3 PreGame Chat
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 10/18/2010 -  0
    Bryan Smith will be around to talk about the playoffs tonight, starting at 5 pm. ALCS PreGame Chat

  • Trade Fallout: Greg Smith Reluctantly Heads to the Rockies
    in RotoGraphs by David Golebiewski - 11/12/2008 -  1
    Just like today's other Trade Fallout subject, Carlos Gonzalez, Gregory Smith has also been involved in two high-profile trades over the past two off seasons. Popped in the 6th round out of LSU

  • How Eric Sogard Made History
    in Community by Owen Watson - 8/14/2014 -  3
    of 2012. However, we’re not here to talk exclusively about Trevor May, even though his wild performance on Saturday night partially allowed this article’s existence. We’re here to talk about Eric

  • The Eyes Have It: Seth Smith's Laser Show
    in FanGraphs by Matt Klaassen - 9/22/2014 -  8
    Seth Smith is having the best year of his career at the plate. He has slowed down during the second half of the season after a monster first half, but his overall line is still quite good. These days

  • Eric Thames (Might Be) Useful In Seattle
    in RotoGraphs by Michael Barr - 7/31/2012 -  2
    As you no doubt have heard, Eric Thames has traded blue for teal in being shipped to the Seattle Mariners with Steve Delabar going to the Toronto Blue Jays. And while I pray your fantasy roster has

  • Tagg, You're It: A Conversation with Eric Nusbaum
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 7/2/2010 -  3
    I don't know how it happened, exactly. One minute I was minding my own business, wandering aimlessly around the internet like I always do; the next, I was discussing -- with Eric Nusbaum of Pitchers

  • Eric Chavez Reborn in New York
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 8/17/2012 -  25
    There was a time when Eric Chavez was on a hall-of-fame-level career path. Through 2006 -- his age-28 season and his eighth full major league campaign -- Chavez had a .271/.350/.489 batting line, 212

  • Let's Explain Eric Hosmer's WAR
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 5/12/2014 -  51
    Eric Hosmer is still sitting on one home run as we approach the one-fourth point of the regular season. He hasn't hit fewer than 14 dingers yet in a year, so it's clear that Hosmer's still looking

  • Joe Smith: Boring Name, Decent Reliever
    in FanGraphs by Matt Klaassen - 11/25/2013 -  7
    Joe Smith, who has long contended with Scott Baker and Jim Johnson for The Most Boring Name in Baseball, reportedly signed a three-year, $15.75 million deal with the Angels over the weekend

  • Pinch a Penny and Sign Eric Hinske
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 1/28/2009 -  2
    reports link the Pirates to Eric Hinske. As a Rays fan, I’ve seen quite a bit of Hinske, and frankly I’m a bit befuddled on how he’s failed to attract much interest prior to the Pirates. Hinske came

  • Padres Continue To Be Weird, Extend Seth Smith
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 7/2/2014 -  89
    active sellers in July. But despite all this, the Padres are apparently not done being weird. Today, the Padres signed Seth Smith to a two year, $13 million contract extension, and it's very

  • Eric Hosmer versus Javier Lopez
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 10/25/2014 -  15
    . But in practice, it was a workmanlike effort and a mistake that finally ended the battle between Eric Hosmer and Javier Lopez. The first pitch was a mistake from Lopez. High in the zone

  • Eric Hosmer: Is This a Hot Streak or Is It Real?
    in RotoGraphs by Ben Duronio - 7/9/2013 -  14
    Only one other first baseman has as many homers as Chris Davis over the past 14 days. Since you are reading this post you can surmise that it is Eric Hosmer, and the hot streak over the past few

  • FanGraphs Audio: Bryan Smith on Prospects, Prospect Writing
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 5/3/2013 -  0
    Episode 332 Just 26, Bryan Smith has written about prospects off and on (and off and on) for about a decade. He's also the guest on this edition of FanGraphs Audio. Don't hesitate to direct pod

  • FanGraphs Audio: Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet
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    Episode 417 Ben Nicholson-Smith is a former senior writer at MLB Trade Rumors and a current editor Sportsnet. He's also the guest on this edition of FanGraphs Audio. Don't hesitate to direct pod

  • Eric Young Steals Our Hearts
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 12/4/2013 -  7
    Ever since Eric Young stole 87 bases in 118 attempts in Single-A back in 2006 with the Rockies organization, fantasy owners have been salivating over his fantasy prospects. With respectable strikeout

  • Seth Smith is a Must Own in Daily Formats
    in RotoGraphs by Ben Duronio - 7/29/2014 -  7
    Obviously there are a variety of fantasy leagues out there, and while it is not necessarily the most popular among hardcore fantasy fans, the daily leagues do exist and Seth Smith is a guy