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Mario Mendoza  1974 - 1982SS
Mario Mendoza  1/19/1979P
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  • Metaphor: Mario Mendoza as a Feminine Product
    in NotGraphs by David G. Temple - 12/26/2012 -  3
    for former baseball player Mario Mendoza, for today is his birthday. Whenever I think of Mario Mendoza, I think – and stay with me here – of douche. I don’t bring this up to be crass, or to make a value

  • Mario Mendoza Hit Four Home Runs
    in NotGraphs by Summer Anne Burton - 12/21/2011 -  5
    career home run, Mario Mendoza circles the bases alone one last time. He will go on, a few years later, to a somewhat successful playing and managing career in the Mexican League. They call him Manos