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Nick Green  2004 - 20132B/SS
Nick Greenwood  2014 - 2014P
Nick Green  8/20/1984P
Nick Green  3/25/1995P
Nick Green  9/21/1990P
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  • Green Means Go
    in RotoGraphs by Eno Sarris - 6/28/2009 -  1
    penchant for riding the wave this year. A little less heralded, but no less surprising, has been the play of Nick Green in Boston. All six feet, 180 pounds of Green spent 2008 in the minor leagues

  • Ruben Amaro Jr. Says Teams “Over-Covet” Prospects; Is He Right?
    in Community by Nick Rabasco - 8/9/2014 -  8
    ) Ken Griffey Jr. (MLB, -1.1) Nick Masset (P, 2.4) & Danny Richar (P, -0.2) Arthur Rhodes (MLB, 1.7) Gaby Hernandez (P, NMI) Manny Ramirez (^) Andy LaRoche (P, 0.3) & Bryan Morris (P

  • Sorting Out Boston's Outfield Logjam
    in Community by Nick Rabasco - 8/4/2014 -  7
    The Red Sox made some noise this trade deadline.  On a day that was similar to August 25, 2012 when the Red Sox and Dodgers completed the Nick Punto trade, Boston unloaded key pieces to the 2013

  • Why is Bryce Harper Not Hitting for Power in 2014?
    in Community by Nick Rabasco - 8/9/2014 -  2

  • Another Way to Show that Mike Trout’s Athleticism is What Separates Him
    in Community by Nick Rabasco - 8/13/2014 -  3

  • Green Lights Going Wrong, Take 1
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 8/29/2012 -  21
    back with a fastball in the zone, and Torrealba was given the green light. Torrealba swung right through it. Two pitches later, Torrealba struck out, and the inning was over. Including intentional

  • Green's Bad Luck
    in FanGraphs by Matthew Carruth - 9/22/2008 -  0
    fascination with bizarre in-season splits, I want to point out Sean Green of the Seattle Mariners. A somewhat sidearmer, Sean Green started building a reputation as a ROOGY with Seattle in 2006

  • The Chicago Green Sox
    in FanGraphs by Marc Hulet - 4/2/2012 -  11

  • Green Athletic: Brett Anderson
    in RotoGraphs by David Golebiewski - 4/5/2009 -  5

  • Green Athletic: Trevor Cahill
    in RotoGraphs by David Golebiewski - 4/16/2009 -  0

  • Grant Green Gets An Audition in Oakland
    in RotoGraphs by J.P. Breen - 7/8/2013 -  10
    evening by promoting Grant Green -- one of their top prospects -- to the big leagues in an attempt to upgrade their offensive output at second base. Slotting in Green at second base will give

  • ... And Nick Punto
    in FanGraphs by Mike Axisa - 8/28/2012 -  32
    My favorite part of this weekend's Red Sox-Dodgers blockbuster isn't the absolutely insane nature of the trade, it's the "... and Nick Punto" that will forever be attached to it until the end of time

  • Green Lights Going Wrong, 2013
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 11/13/2013 -  13
    the green light, he'll be sitting dead red. He'll be looking for his favorite pitch -- presumably, a fastball -- in his favorite spot. That spot won't always be right over the middle of the plate

  • Godzilla in Green and Gold: A's Sign Matsui
    in FanGraphs by David Golebiewski - 12/14/2010 -  9

  • Understanding Nick Punto
    in NotGraphs by Navin Vaswani - 8/31/2012 -  7
    Nick Punto inexplicably dives headfirst into first base on a routine groundout to the shortstop— Mark Saxon (@markasaxon) August 31, 2012 "You can't reason with grit," Nick Punto told

  • Ruben Amaro, Jr. Likes Green, Trading Outfielders
    in NotGraphs by Robert J. Baumann - 7/31/2012 -  9
    Oh hi. I didn't see you there. I'm Ruben Amaro, Jr. and I was just leaning on this railing, thinking about a couple of things that I really enjoy: the color green, and trading major league

  • R.I.P. Nick Adenhart
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 4/9/2009 -  15
    Last night, Nick Adenhart had the best start of his career, shutting out the A's for 6 innings. It will be the last time anyone saw him pitch. He was killed in a car accident shortly after midnight

  • Red & Green Books Go Electronic Only
    in FanGraphs by David Appelman - 2/26/2009 -  18
    Tangotiger on insidethebook.com noted what I thought was a rather comical blog post column by Murray Chass on his outrage that the Red & Green league books will no longer be printed, but instead

  • Should the Green Monster Impact Jason Bay's Projection?
    in RotoGraphs by Brian Joura - 11/13/2008 -  4
    runs. Bay had nine homers after the deal and six of those came on the road, which suggests that perhaps he had some issues with the Green Monster. It’s more likely a sample size issue and I think

  • Nick Markakis’ Lack Of Power
    in Community by DanielMoroz - 5/18/2010 -  5
    Nick Markakis has just two home runs thus far this season, and is on pace to hit just 9 on the year. I think it’s relatively clear now that Nick isn’t really a power hitter – he’ll get his share

  • The Nick Johnson Stories
    in NotGraphs by Patrick Dubuque - 12/31/2012 -  6
    The phone rang, rattling in the glove compartment, but Nick Johnson did not hear it. He was already halfway to the creek. His boots crackled among the the skeletons of leaves scattered between

  • Nick The Unlucky Stick
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 4/29/2008 -  10
    Nick Johnson is having one of the more remarkable Aprils in recent memory, and not just because he's managed to stay healthy for an entire month. No, instead, Nick Johnson is becoming the new poster

  • Nick Swisher The Pitcher
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 4/14/2009 -  28
    Not having a long reliever sometimes comes back to bite you on the behind. Last night, the Yankees found this out, but were not the only ones red in the face. The starting first baseman, Nick

  • Quiz: Nick Swisher and Magic
    in NotGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 9/12/2011 -  16
    representative case of her doing so than in the tweet you see embedded above, in which Ehrlich asks us to imagine what Nick Swisher would do with magic powers, had he access to them. After a brief period

  • Marlins Reel in Nick Johnson
    in FanGraphs by Erik Manning - 8/3/2009 -  11
    Bedlam ruled the day of the trade deadline, and the Nick Johnson for LHP Aaron Thompson deal was no exception. The Nationals broke from their age old custom of clenching to tradeable players

  • Nick Johnson to New York
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 12/18/2009 -  84
    The Yankees have absolutely refused to stand pat this offseason. After adding Curtis Granderson in the first big trade of the winter, the Yankees have now agreed to terms with 1B/DH Nick Johnson

  • Nick Franklin: The Seattle Streak?
    in FanGraphs by Mike Newman - 10/12/2012 -  31
    On the surface, the question of whether or not Mariners prospect Nick Franklin fits in Seattle's future given the .555 OPS of incumbent shortstop Brendan Ryan seems a bit silly. Yes, Ryan is one

  • Green Lights Going Wrong, Take 2
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 8/30/2012 -  6
    that 3-and-0 green lights are selective for hitters who're better than average. Just because this isn't predictive doesn't mean it's not worth looking at, though, if only for entertainment. Mike Trout

  • Nobody Played the Green Monster Like Carl Yastrzemski
    in FanGraphs by Paul Swydan - 9/13/2013 -  35
    , and most importantly, nobody played the Green Monster like Yaz. I asked my father about it, as he became eligible to vote during Yaz’s rookie season, and he put it simply: “He had it all mapped out

  • Nick Punto to Sign with Boston
    in FanGraphs by Steve Slowinski - 12/14/2011 -  47
    According to John Heyman (now at CBS Sports, apparently), Nick Punto has agreed to a 2 year, $3.0 million deal with the Boston Red Sox. The deal will also include $500k in incentives. So remember

  • The Nick Johnson Quandry
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 9/18/2009 -  44
    offers a similar problem for GMs with a shopping list. I'm speaking of Mr. Disabled List himself, Nick Johnson. His list of health problems is longer than a typical Joe Posnanski column

  • Nick Franklin as a Shortstop
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 3/18/2014 -  59
    to trade for Nick Franklin? Franklin has taken over the chat section, and for every Franklin question or comment we accept, I'd say we reject another five. Franklin's is an unusual and compelling

  • Nick Punto and The Little Things
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 10/14/2009 -  40
    is Nick Punto . Yes, the same Nick Punto that Derek Jeter threw out on a baserunning gaffe in Game Three of this year’s ALDS. Outside of that one instance, Punto has the perfect Minnesota Twin

  • Bearish on Nick Markakis
    in RotoGraphs by David Golebiewski - 6/14/2011 -  9
    This is part of an ongoing pro/con series on RotoGraphs over the next couple of weeks. Today we’ll look at the positive/negative side of Nick Markakis. Expect the opposite side shortly. A few

  • What Is Nick Swisher Worth?
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 8/21/2012 -  58
    An unintended consequence of Melky Cabrera's 50 game suspension has been an uptick in the amount of conversation about what Nick Swisher is going to get as a free agent this winter. Swisher has been

  • True Utility: Nick Punto
    in FanGraphs by Matt Klaassen - 11/10/2010 -  22
    During his tenure with the Minnesota Twins, Nick Punto has often been the object of scorn around the internet, generally being lumped in with players like Willie Bloomquist as another "speedy" white

  • Bullish on Nick Markakis
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 6/15/2011 -  8
    This is part of an ongoing pro/con series on RotoGraphs over the next couple of weeks. Today we’ll look at the positive side of Nick Markakis. You could read the negative side here. I bravely

  • The Many Frustrations of Nick Swisher
    in RotoGraphs by Ben Duronio - 6/18/2013 -  15
    Nick Swisher has been pretty much perpetually underrated in fantasy formats for the past number of years. He has been dual eligible at 1B and OF and has been a strong contributor in OBP leagues

  • Nick Markakis, What Happened?
    in Community by Alex Conway - 6/2/2014 -  2
    Nick Markakis has carved himself out a nice major league career. He now has the 8h most hits in Orioles history and by seasons end he'll likely be in sole possession of 6th place. Markakis, now

  • Injury Update: Nick Markakis
    in RotoGraphs by Erik Hahmann - 1/10/2012 -  7
    Like my ’92 Toyota Camry that ran for three years despite, or in spite of, me not changing the oil, Nick Markakis just goes and goes. Yet, for the first time in his career he runs the risk of missing

  • The Quietly Consistent Nick Swisher
    in RotoGraphs by Brad Johnson - 12/4/2013 -  4
    For a relatively uncelebrated player, Nick Swisher has been reliably good for a very long time. Since 2006, he's played 145 or more games per season, hit over 20 home runs, and walked enough to make

  • Nick Franklin's Historic Season
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 9/10/2010 -  2
    such as Aaron Hill or [Felipe] Lopez offensively, though he has less power." Either the Mariners didn't agree with that, or they didn't know what they were really getting in Florida prep shortstop Nick

  • Nick Markakis's Down Season
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 10/13/2009 -  15
    Over the winter, the Baltimore Orioles signed right fielder Nick Markakis to a six year, 66.1 million dollar contract, covering Markakis’s arbitration years and first three years of free agency

  • Pump the Brakes on Nick Castellanos
    in RotoGraphs by Scott Strandberg - 12/20/2013 -  13
    With Miguel Cabrera heading back across the diamond to first base, Nick Castellanos is returning from the outfield to his natural position at the hot corner. When the Tigers brought in Prince Fielder

  • Nick Markakis' Stunted Power
    in FanGraphs by Matt Klaassen - 8/12/2013 -  17
    a tremendous budget pickup. Few would name Nick Markakis to the list of big contributors to the current run. In 2012 Markakis had his best wRC+ (125, .298/.363/.471) since his tremendous 2008 (138, .306

  • Nick Swisher: Buy Low?
    in RotoGraphs by Jason Catania - 5/24/2011 -  15
    A brief (and terrible) joke: What is up with Nick Swisher? Currently, not his batting average or power. Zing! Thing is, if you own Swisher in 2011, you're not laughing at that. (Okay

  • What Exactly is Nick Punto's Deal?
    in NotGraphs by David G. Temple - 9/17/2013 -  16
    I used to gripe about Nick Punto. I used to sneer at Minnesota fans who bought his shirseys and cheered loudly when he came to bat. I used to roll my eyes every time an announcer would laud him

  • Pity Nick Blackburn
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 6/11/2009 -  24

  • Can You Do What Shaq Green-Thompson Has Done?
    in NotGraphs by Dayn Perry - 7/16/2012 -  16
    Via thief of hearts Yirmiyahu comes urgent breaking news regarding the stat line of Red Sox 18th-round draft choice Shaq Green-Thompson. Mr. Green-Thompson is currently plying his trade

  • Pouring One Out for Nick Johnson's Career
    in NotGraphs by David G. Temple - 1/29/2013 -  5
    RIP, Nick Johnson's career. Mourn ya 'till I join ya.

  • Prospect Impact: Danny Hultzen, Matt Davidson, Grant Green
    in RotoGraphs by Jason Catania - 2/8/2013 -  6
    because his role is less assured now, but ultimately if he performs, he'll get a shot. ACTION: A's trade for INF Jed Lowrie IMPACT: INF Grant Green, A's Earlier in the week, Mr. Howard Bender

  • Chris Getz & Grant Green: Deep League Waiver Wire
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 5/7/2014 -  7
    Francisco's bat in the lineup. Lawrie isn't going to suddenly become the every day second baseman. Grant Green | 2B LAA | 6% Owned With both Josh Hamilton and Kole Calhoun on the shelf and Raul

  • Prospect Notes from a Bowling Green-West Michigan Game
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 7/2/2013 -  2
    The author attended on Sunday a Class-A Midwest League game between Rays affiliate Bowling Green and Tigers affiliate West Michigan, at the latter's home park just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • Nick Swisher's Done Helping You
    in RotoGraphs by Landon Jones - 8/5/2014 -  4
    For nearly a decade Nick Swisher has been a beacon of consistency. From 2005 until 2013, he posted a 119 wRC+ mark, and averaged 25 home runs per year. He manged to swat 20 home runs again, but he

  • Nick Blackburn Loses Margin for Error
    in FanGraphs by David Golebiewski - 7/13/2010 -  4
    This past March, the Minnesota Twins locked up Nick Blackburn with a four-year, $14 million contract. The deal covers the right-hander's final pre-arbitration season in 2010, his three arbitration

  • Contact and Strikeouts: The Mystery of Nick Castellanos
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 4/24/2014 -  23
    -- it was done, in part, to open up a spot on the field for top prospect Nick Castellanos. Fielder's departure meant that Miguel Cabrera could move back to first base and Castellanos could take over

  • Nick Swisher, Indians Now an Item
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 12/24/2012 -  80
    Nick Swisher is a talented, big-money veteran with an actress wife, and he likes to generate attention and play under the bright lights of a major media market. The Cleveland Indians play

  • Nick Castellanos is Channeling Chris Johnson
    in RotoGraphs by Scott Spratt - 5/15/2014 -  6
    averages and runs totals in even moderately deep formats. Nick Castellanos is buried among several low on-base options outside of the top 15 in consensus third base rankings. And Castellanos does

  • Nick Swisher Thinks Cleveland Rocks!
    in RotoGraphs by Howard Bender - 12/27/2012 -  7
    Of course Nick Swisher thinks Cleveland rocks. He just signed a four-year, $56M contract that has a fifth year vesting option that could push the total to $70M. Who wouldn't think Cleveland rocked

  • Nick Minnix Baseball Chat -- 6/6/14
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 6/6/2014 -  6
    11:55Eno Sarris: Nick will be here shortly!12:01Nicholas Minnix: Hey everybody. This is Eno in costume. Welcome! Thanks for all the welcomes, too.PS Nicholas Minnix is a real person.12:02Nicholas

  • Nick Leyva: Positioning the Pirates Infield
    in FanGraphs by David Laurila - 3/16/2012 -  7
    Nick Leyva is heading into his 36th season of professional baseball, but when it comes to positioning an infield, he isn’t as old-school as you might think. The Pirates’ third base coach still uses

  • Nick Johnson Retires, FanGraphs Weeps
    in FanGraphs by Mike Axisa - 1/30/2013 -  22
    Eight times on base. Had Nick Johnson reached base just eight more times in his ten-year career, he would have become just the 41st player in history to leave the game with a .400+ OBP (min. 3,000 PA

  • Can Nick Hundley Be a Fantasy Asset?
    in RotoGraphs by Howard Bender - 12/5/2011 -  3
    If you're one of those people who has a hard time justifying the use of a high draft choice on a catcher and you like to bargain shop, then perhaps San Diego Padres backstop Nick Hundley is a name

  • Nick Hundley: Am I Crazy?
    in RotoGraphs by Howard Bender - 7/18/2013 -  9
    things just gone a little differently, then the guy could be a potential All-Star if you have a Lou Brown-ish sense of optimism. Nick Hundley is that guy for me and with Yasmani Grandal lost

  • Nick Minnix Baseball Chat -- 6/13/14
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 6/13/2014 -  5
    , though, haha. Let's get started!12:00Comment From JustinFreddie Freeman's slump to worry about? 12:00Nicholas Minnix: I don't see a reason to be, no.12:00Comment From BradleyHey Nick: What are your

  • FanGraphs Audio: Nick Piecoro, Gentleman Beat Reporter
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 4/10/2013 -  5
    Episode 323 Nick Piecoro is both (a) a fine Italian-American beat reporter for the Arizona Diamondbacks (for the Arizona Republic, specifically) and (b) the guest on this edition of FanGraphs Audio

  • FanGraphs Audio: Lunch with Nick Piecoro at Wrigley Field
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 6/5/2013 -  8
    Episode 345 In April, Diamondbacks beat reporter Nick Piecoro appeared on an edition of FanGraphs Audio taped in the press-box cafeteria of Milwaukee's Miller Park. About two months later, he

  • FanGraphs Audio: Brunch with Nick Piecoro at Fenway Park
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 8/7/2013 -  1
    Episode 369 In April, Diamondbacks beat reporter Nick Piecoro appeared on an edition of FanGraphs Audio taped in the press-box cafeteria of Milwaukee's Miller Park. About two months later, he

  • GIF: Nick Swisher Reveals Absurdity of Human Predicament
    in NotGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 4/18/2014 -  5
    a ballplayer clearly is forced to tolerate on such an occasion as he's hit by a pitched ball. Moments ago, in the fifth inning of Cleveland's game against Toronto, first baseman Nick Swisher

  • Daily Notes: Mostly Ambulant Nick Johnson Retires
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 1/29/2013 -  9
    Table of Contents Here's the table of contents for today's edition of the Daily Notes. 1. Assorted Headlines 2. Table: Nick Johnson's Walk Rate in Context 3. Three Images: Venezuelan Winter

  • Poll: Nick Swisher: Koopa Troopa, or Toothless Codger?
    in NotGraphs by Robert J. Baumann - 5/31/2013 -  9
    In a single plate appearance versus Reds' right-hander Homer Bailey last night (a three-pitch strike-out), Indians OF/1B/DH Nick Swisher displayed behavior that set off red alerts in the NotGraphs

  • Nick Blackburn and Jon Jay: Waiver Wire
    in RotoGraphs by Erik Hahmann - 5/27/2011 -  7
    % of leagues. Nick Blackburn: 5% ownership When the name Nick Blackburn is uttered there are not many positive connotations that come to mind. Sure, he’s generally been a very durable pitcher over

  • Nick Swisher Sure Does Look Undervalued
    in RotoGraphs by Ben Duronio - 2/17/2014 -  13
    With an average draft position of 231 in Yahoo! leagues, Nick Swisher is absolutely undervalued in fantasy. Yes he plays at the best producing position and yes he does not provide value with his legs

  • Prospect Watch: Nick Gordon and Post-Draft Expectations
    in FanGraphs by Nathaniel Stoltz - 7/25/2014 -  29
    of far more repute than 25-year-old A-ball pitcher Dario Alvarez or his reliever teammate Akeel Morris--I'm talking about 2014's fifth overall draft pick, Twins shortstop prospect Nick Gordon

  • Nick Johnson on his .400 Career OBP
    in FanGraphs by David Laurila - 5/8/2012 -  14
    Nick Johnson needs a typical Nick Johnson season to secure his legacy. Not as an injury-prone first baseman -- that’s his other legacy -- but as an on-base machine. The 33-year-old left-handed hitter

  • Prospect Watch: Christian Colon, Nick Ahmed
    in FanGraphs by JD Sussman - 7/3/2014 -  9
    1st of the current year); Top-15, the prospect's place on Marc Hulet's preseason organizational list; and Top-100, that same prospect's rank on Hulet's overall top-100 list. ***Nick Ahmed, SS

  • Nick Hundley and Carlos Ruiz: Catcher Injury Updates
    in RotoGraphs by Howard Bender - 5/9/2011 -  3
    set of scraps looks the meatiest.  Today we're going to look at the latest catcher injuries and who the guys are that will get the playing time moving forward. Nick Hundley, SD --  My apologies

  • A Brief Thought on Nick Punto and Relief Pitchers
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 11/15/2013 -  67
    A couple of days ago, the Oakland A's signed Nick Punto to a one year contract that will pay him $2.75 million in 2014 and then either pay him $250,000 to go away or an additional $2.75 million

  • Can Nick Franklin Remain Top-10 at Second and Short?
    in RotoGraphs by Blake Murphy - 8/6/2013 -  14
    is no longer taking aim at multi-position eligibility. For the Mariners, Nick Franklin’s got the keystone on lock for the foreseeable future. Franklin, a switch hitter with an enormous helmet, saw his

  • Q&A: Nick Travieso, Cincinnati Reds Pitching Prospect
    in FanGraphs by David Laurila - 2/6/2014 -  0
    Nick Travieso had an up-and-down first full professional season. That doesn’t mean the Cincinnati Reds pitching prospect didn’t make great strides. The 2012 first-round pick learned a lot, which

  • Mixed Waiver Wire: David Freese, Nick Franklin
    in RotoGraphs by Nicholas Minnix - 5/21/2014 -  22
    , and they should soon be joined by others. 2B/SS/OF Nick Franklin, Seattle Mariners Ownership: CBS 14% | Yahoo! 2% | ESPN 0.4% Franklin is still an above-average prospect as a hitter, even if his defense

  • Current Event: Nick Swisher Sounds His Barbaric Yawp
    in NotGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 9/30/2013 -  1
    Nick Swisher is not a bit tamed, Nick Swisher too is untranslatable. While everyone, even illiterate people, certainly should read American and dead poet Walt Whitman's master opus Song of Myself