Custom Date Range Added to Splits Tool

A few weeks ago we added a custom splits tool to our player pages. This weekend, we added the ability to select a specific date range. To do this, we added the “Time Frame” control bar, which now contains all date-related splits and controls.

The “Filter” menu is the old “Time Frame” splits menu. This gives you the option to view plate appearances occurring in a month or season half, and the day or night time-of-day split. These are different from a custom date range. Choosing the “May” split in the filter menu will display plate appearances from every May. This would be used for getting career stats in May.

Date Range Splits Tool

To look at splits from a specific date, there’s a drop-down calendar with which you can select the start date and end date. This will limit the splits to those specific days. This can be useful if you want to look at splits after a player returns from an injury, a trade or an adjustment. We’ve also included preset ranges like the last 30 days or the past calendar year.

The calendar allows you to select both the beginning and end date on the same calendar and visualize the range.

The Splits Reset button will reset just the splits, and the Reset button either on the “Time Frame” bar or in the calendar will reset just the date range.

Finally, we added two more positional splits (“as PH” and “as PR”) and a change log, so updates will be documented within the splits tool.

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