The Great Pujols

This morning, when debating what to write about today, I thought about penning something about Albert Pujols. It’s tough to say anything new and interesting about the man, because after all, what is there to say? He’s the best player in baseball and everyone knows it. So, I wrote about the legendary Juan Uribe instead.

But then, Albert just insists on being covered. I was considering mentioning how unbelievably hot he’s been lately this morning, and now, he’s just finished an afternoon game against Milwaukee where he went 3 for 5 and launched two more home runs, giving him 47 on the season. His stretch of baseball the last six days has been obscene.

September 4th, @Pit – 2 for 4, HR, BB, .38 WPA
September 5th, @Pit, Pinch hit game winning HR, .33 WPA
September 6th, @Pit, 3 for 5, .10 WPA
September 7th, @Mil, 3 for 4, 2 2B, BB, .25 WPA
September 8th, @Mil, 1 for 3, HR, 2 BB, .15 WPA
September 9th, @Mil, 3 for 5, 2 HR, .17 WPA

13 for 22, 2 2B, 5 HR, 4 BB, 0 K. Not a bad week.

I guess we shouldn’t be that surprised. After all, we’re talking about a player who hasn’t had a single day all season where his OPS was less than 1.000. It hasn’t been under 1.100 since mid-June. His performance today pushed him over the +8.0 win mark for the season, and he’s now on pace to have the best offensive season of his career.

The man is an incredible player. He could go 0 for the rest of his lifetime and still be a first ballot Hall Of Famer. He’s one of the greatest hitters to ever live. He is amazing.

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