For Everyone’s Reference: Yoshi Tateyama’s Screwball

For everyone’s reference — and also for their moral improvement — here are two animated GIFs from tonight of Texas reliever Yoshinori Tateyama throwing his screwball (a pitch that Mike Fast, formerly of Baseball Prospectus and currently of the Houston Astros, documented with some precision last June) against a pair of Oaklanders.

Here, for a called strike, against the largely menacing Yoenis Cespedes:

And here, as well, to induce a swinging third strike against Josh Donaldson Brandon Moss:

Full credit to resident of the information superhighway, @Vermilioned, for bringing this important event to the author’s attention.

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16 Responses to “For Everyone’s Reference: Yoshi Tateyama’s Screwball”

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  1. Dan says:


    I need to see it from the straight-on angle.

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    • I very much agree. I actually looked back through the entirety of his game log. He’s pitched in front of a couple of the league’s better cameras (Boston, Tampa Bay), but, in every case, either (a) he didn’t throw the screwball or (b) the game was a FOX national game.

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  2. Blueyays says:

    Are there any other big-leaguers who currently throw one?

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  3. Bobbee says:

    2nd hitter is not Josh Donaldson, it’s Brandon Moss.

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  4. jcxy says:

    What’s the difference between this and the 2 seem FB for righties?

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  5. dp says:

    Is this the categorical imperative come to fruition? This looks like the categorical imperative if the categorical imperative were a pitch, which, being the categorical imperative, it most certainly could be.

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  6. nubillybaroo says:

    How fast does the pitch go?

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  7. tomunc says:

    I believe that Zack Grienke also throws one occasionally as an out-pitch to left-handers. It definitely breaks like one, and all the announcers call it his change-up, but the break is too much to the right to be a straight change.

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  8. tomunc says:

    I couldn’t see where to edit so let me add that when he has that pitch working, along with his other stuff, he’s nearly unbeatable.

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