Real-Time Stats Leaderboard for Italian-American Players

Click to embiggen, if you get what the author means.

As a Champion of the People, the author has participated in a number of community-service projects that have enriched lives and inspired the leaders of tomorrow. Not for nothing has he (i.e. that same author) been referred to, on more than one occasion, as a “goddamn Johnny Appleseed of human compassion.”

None of the author’s good works, however, has been so rewarding as the present one. Using a combination of wit and just his hands, he’s endeavored to produce the world’s first, or at least best, real-time stats leaderboard for Italian-American and regular Italian major-leaguers.

Click this hyperlink to experience the leaderboard.

Click this more different hyperlink to consult Wikipedia’s list of Italian-Americans in baseball, which the author mostly utilized in the composition of the leaderboard.

Utilize the comments section below to make note of other Italian-American or just regular Italian major-leaguers who ought to be added to the leaderboard.

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

16 Responses to “Real-Time Stats Leaderboard for Italian-American Players”

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  1. Marco Scutaro says:


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  2. Mr. Observant says:

    As someone who once had a doppio espresso a longe two (2!!!) blocks from where Joey Votto grew up, I applaud this leader board as a spiritual Italian might applaud – languidly yet with style, shirt unbuttoned three notches south of the collar and ready for my Mamma to cook my dinner. Excelsior, Cistulli!

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  3. canuckassassin says:

    What about Yasiel Puigi?

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  4. Saguenay Harry says:

    Man, I wish Pat Venditte was in the majors. The first ambidextrous pitcher had to be Italian, rightleft?

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  5. Canadian Bacon says:

    Wouldn’t Votto be an Italian-Canadian?

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  6. IiiiiiiiiiiiI says:

    Carson, when’s your next Schumaker scouting report coming out? He pitched a scoreless inning today (1 K, 2 BB, 1 H), showing us his fastball (89-91 MPH, shaky command), change (good arm-side run), and curve (his worst pitch; resulted in the one hit).

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  7. Capo da gatzi from Detroit says:

    I will have some pasta fazul in memory of Reno Bertoia.

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  8. Benzedrine says:

    Jason Grilli wants some answers.

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  9. Al says:

    I had no idea Nick Swisher was Italian, though it certainly doesn’t not make sense.

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  10. Drew says:

    Where’s Vinnie Pestano?

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  11. Joe says:

    loving the double negative there Al

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  12. joser says:

    Technically Liddi is just Italian, not hyphenated with anything. And technically, he’s no longer a Mariner since he was DFA’d last week.

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  13. Jeremy says:

    Jason Grilli will strike your family out with high heat and a wipeout slider. Then he will punch Russell Martin 3 times, and fly home on his griffin.

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