Report: Yankees Interested in All Remaining Free Agents


NEW YORK — The Yankees are interested in all of baseball’s remaining free agents, general manager Brian Cashman told the media, after Robinson Cano reportedly agreed to a 10-year, $240-million contract with Seattle on Friday morning.

“All of them, yes,” Cashman reiterated, when asked for clarification.

“Even the free agents we’re not really interested in, we’re interested in,” Cashman added.

For the first time in free-agency history, the Yankees stood firm, not relenting to Cano’s exorbitant contract demands, even though he was a homegrown star destined for Monument Park.

“Everybody is replaceable,” Cashman said. “With free agents. It’s the Yankee way.”

Cashman has a point: the club’s spent $254 million on free agents Brian McCann, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Hiroki Kuroda in the last two weeks. Second baseman Omar Infante will likely end up a Yankee, whether he wants to or not.

“We’ve already signed Infante,” Cashman said. “He just doesn’t know it yet.”

“If you’re a free agent, we want to talk,” Cashman concluded. “More importantly, we’d like to sign you.”

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  1. phoenix2042 says:

    “We’ve already signed Infante,” Cashman said. “He just doesn’t know it yet.”

    Hilarious! But all jokes aside, I think this might actually be true, now that Cano is gone!

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  2. Damaso's Burnt Shirt says:

    All your free agent are belong to us.

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  3. Harper Hill says:

    That photo has got to be from about 1992 or so. Reminds me of early Seinfeld fashion. Does the tie goes down to his knees?

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  4. Leighton says:

    I read the title as “All Yankees Interested in Remaining Free Agents” which I thought was slightly funnier.

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  5. Chocoman says:

    What other free agent pitchers are they trying to sign?

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  6. Andy39733 says:

    Love it!!

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  7. Rick Ankiel says:

    I think I’m a free agent, unless I retired. If the Yankees don’t sign me, I guess I’m retired.

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