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September’s just a few days away, and the Yankees and Red Sox have won 11 of their last 14. The East is still tight, the Wild Card even tighter, and the schedule is getting shorter. While looking forward to the crucial games in September, Ben and Larry look back at the last full week of August.

The Red Sox had a spectacular week, the Yankees had an equally dreadful one. Boston’s made up five games in seven days — but they’re still 5½ back. Is this just the beginning of something historic? One thing’s for sure — the AL East just became interesting again.

Ben and Larry talk about whether or not it’s okay to root for the other team in the rivalry if it helps your team win in the end.

Ben had such high hopes for the 2004 season, but things have simply not gone as planned for the Red Sox. Still, with two months left, they have a chance to get into the postseason, and both Ben and Larry agree that’s when they become dangerous.

Ben and Larry discuss the trade that ended Nomar Garciaparra’s career in Boston.

Comebacks, brawls and a vital Boston victory. Are the Red Sox back?

Ben and Larry discuss the Randy Johnson rumors, and look forward to the trading deadline.

Larry’s satisfied with where the Yankees stand at the All-Star break, but Boston’s mini-run didn’t change Ben’s mind on the chances of the Red Sox winning the AL East.

The Yankees and Red Sox faced off again last week, and the result was decisive. Is the AL East race over? Ben and Larry don’t agree on this issue — and not in the way you’d think.

Larry and Ben discuss the importance of this week’s Red Sox/Yankees series.

Ben’s back from vacation, and he and Larry go right back at it with their beloved teams battling the NL West on the left coast.

Boston and New York have two of the best records in all of baseball, but both have problems galore. And the world’s smallest violin plays on…

Ben and Larry discuss the seesawing nature of this season’s race between the Red Sox and Yankees, and why it’s probably not a good idea for fans of either team to get too high or too low just yet.

Ben and Larry discuss Derek Jeter, Boston’s hurting stars, and exactly why the back-and-forth atop the division doesn’t mean much in May.

With the Red Sox and Yankees occupying the top two spots in the American League East, like usual, Ben and Larry are both happy with where their teams are through about 20% of the season.

A week after “The Sweep”, Ben and Larry check in with the Red Sox and Yankees.

Larry says Yankees fans should get angry, but shouldn’t panic, while Ben just revels in the glory of a Red Sox sweep in the Bronx.

Hmmm… what ever could Ben and Larry have talked about this weekend?

Despite the fact that the Red Sox and Yankees are a combined 8-7, Ben Jacobs and Alex Belth (who fills in for Larry Mahnken one more time) are not really worried about their favorite clubs.

Ben talks to Alex Beth, who is filling in for Larry, about whether or not there’s any reason to be concerned about either the Yankees or the Red Sox this early in the season.