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Is there Hit F/X data available for research?

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I would love to have data so I could attempt to determine the type of hitter from attributes like swing speed, swing angle, etc.  Or maybe there is research like this that has already been done that I could be pointed to.  I'm trying to determine a way to determine if a batter is more a singles hitter or power hitter with high K rate, etc.  I was wondering if this could be determined by the type of swing they have and perhaps other attributes as well.
asked Feb 6, 2013 in Sabermetrics by btables (3 points)

2 Answers

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Hit f/x is not freely available to the public, sadly.
answered Feb 7, 2013 by James Gentile (1,986 points)
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There was one month of HITf/x data made public back in 2009 for the month of April. A quick google search pulls up several articles, some included batted ball speed here

The THT guys did a couple studies on it too, here and here.

These are just the tasty little morsels of data, but they're still awesome to look at anyways.

answered Feb 7, 2013 by David Wiers (273 points)