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Hitting statistics in games where the opposing starting pitcher is right handed

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I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find players hitting statistics in games where the opposing starting pitcher is right handed. I'd like to in essence "combine" the stats of average or sub-par hitters who dominate RHP in a way that takes advantage of this fact. In other words, start the one of the two (or three) hitters who is facing a right handed starting pitcher that day. I am hoping these stats strongly correlate with the players' splits against right handed pitchers in general. Any help on the matter would be much appreciated.
asked Feb 20, 2013 in Strategy by champton (4 points)

1 Answer

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I think I understand. This is for fantasy purposes, right? You want a player's stats against in games where a RHP started the game including lefty relievers at the end of the game in order to see how much of an impact the later lefties have on the hitter's overall value for that day? This would help you determine how much you would start platooning players?

correct me if I'm wrong in my interpretation.
answered Feb 20, 2013 by James Gentile (1,817 points)
Your interpretation is correct.
Baseball-Reference has that on their splits page.  Here is Jason Heyward's page, and the split you want is in the second section.

Wow. I can't believe I missed that. Thank you for your help LeeTro and James.