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lgR value calculation

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I've got a question about where the value for lgR comes from. Like any normal person, once I find a stat I like I make an excel spreadsheet so I can calculate values on my own. I recently feel in love with wRC, wOBA and wRC+. I have found all the values for wOBA, but when it comes to wRC I can't seem to figure out where the lgR comes from and how it is calculated!

Doing a little math, and based on a small sample size of 3 Royals players, I got a value of 60.95 which gives a percent error of 1.1, 1.25 and 1.45 respectively! But when I get to Chris Getz it jumped to 257%!

Any help would be great!

asked Aug 29, 2013 in Sabermetrics by ThatStatGuy (3 points)
How are you caluculating wRC?

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