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FanGraphs: The Game, Football Edition - Official Rules

1. Overview

FanGraphs: The Game is a fantasy football game where you create a fictional player and make one pick each week to build your player over the course of the season.

2. Creating Your Player(s)

You may create up to one player at each of the following positions: QB, RB, WR, TE, K, and DEF. Each player must be associated with a team. Once you create a player, the player cannot be deleted, so choose the team your player is on carefully.

There is currently no way to create two players at the same posiiton, though future iterations of the game may include such options.

Creating players at all six positions is not required, and you can play the game with as few as one player or up to the maximum of six.

3. Yearly Budget

All positions start out with $100.

4. Game Limits

All positions have a 16-game limit.

5. Making Your Picks

Each week you may make one pick for each of your players until that player's game limit is reached. The real-life football players you may pick qualify at the same position of your player and range in value from $0 to about $15. You can only make a pick if you have at least the same amount of money available to you.

FanGraphs will do its best to alert you to where player's are in their team's depth chart and the player's injury status. You may pick any player from the list presented to you, even if said player is not scheduled to play that day.

If your pick does not play, you will not be refunded any money.

6. Scoring

The entire stat line for your pick will be attributed to your player once the games for the week are completed. The scoring system is as follows:

Passing Yards - 0.04 pts
Passing TDs - 4 pts
Rushing / Receiving Yards - 0.1 pts
Rushing / Receiving TDs - 6 pts
Receptions - 1 pt
Fumbles - (-2 pts)
Interceptions - (-2 pts)

Tackles - 1 pts
Assists - 0.5 pts
Sacks - 2 pts
Tackle for Loss - 2 pts
Pass Deflection - 1 pts
Safetys - 2 pts
Blocked Punts - 2 pts
Interceptions - 2 pts
Forced Fumble - 2 pts
Fumble Recovery - 2 pts
TDs - 6 pts

XP Made - 1 pts
XP Missed - (-3 pts)
FG Made - 3 pts
FG 40+ Yards - 1 pts
FG 50+ Yards - 2 pts

7. Starting Lineups

The player with the highest points total according to the scoring system will be at the top of the depth charts.

8. Periodic Awards

Your player may receive weekly, monthly, half-season, or seasonal awards based on your player's total cumulative points total for the respective time period.

Awards are broken down into Overall (O-Rank), Positional (P-Rank), Team (T-Rank), and Team Positional (PT-Rank) and are ranked by prestige in that same order.

If you receive an Overall award, you will not receive any Positional, Team, or Team Positional awards (to reduce redundancy). If you were to receive a Positional award, you would not receive a Team award or a Team Positional award. And if you were to receive a Team award, you would not receive a Team Positional award.

10. Achievements

Achievements are awards that are not unique to your player and may be awarded to multiple players for accomplishing various challenges or reaching certain thresholds.

11. Prizes

Prizes will be awarded to players that finish with the highest and second-highest points at each position. Ties will be broken first by least amount of money spent and finally by seniority (lowest playerid). The winners will each receive 100 U.S. dollars. The runners up at each position will each receive a free FanGraphs T-Shirt.