PitcherPlayerOutsBaseScoreInning - Top 9LIWE
C BrewerJ Chisholm Jr.0___8-1Jazz Chisholm Jr. singled to pitcher (Grounder).0.0399.7%
C BrewerJ Bell01__8-1Josh Bell reached on fielder's choice to third (Grounder). Jazz Chisholm Jr. out at second.0.0799.9%
C BrewerJ Sanchez11__8-1Jesus Sanchez struck out looking.0.02100.0%
C BrewerO Lopez21__8-1Otto Lopez singled to left (Liner). Josh Bell advanced to 2B.0.0199.9%
C BrewerJ Bell212_8-1Otto Lopez advanced on a passed ball to 2B. Passed ball by Miguel Amaya.0.02100.0%
C BrewerN Gordon2_238-3Nick Gordon singled to left (Liner). Josh Bell scored. Otto Lopez scored.0.0299.9%
C BrewerE Rivera21__8-3Emmanuel Rivera reached on fielder's choice to third (Grounder). Nick Gordon out at second.0.04100.0%

B Smith2.0000020.02.002
A Nardi1.0100120.01.000
D Cronin2.0201110.10-.001
A Puk3.0707340.84-.327

J Taillon5.0311040.44.157
K Thompson2.0000140.15.013
C Brewer2.0301010.03.004

V Brujan0000000  
L Arraez40000000.32-.022
B De La Cruz41111020.27-.007
J Chisholm Jr.40200020.21.000
J Bell31000100.31-.034
J Sanchez40000020.32-.034
O Lopez11100000.01.000
T Anderson30000010.27-.021
N Gordon40102000.28-.027
E Rivera40100020.19-.013
N Fortes30000000.21-.017
N Hoerner51201000.32.139
P Wisdom41000120.39.007
C Bellinger41201000.59.100
C Morel31000100.58-.062
D Swanson32201110.52.121
I Happ20000120.59-.048
A Canario10000010.01.000
G Cooper30101110.49.020
N Madrigal12001000.63.024
M Tauchman20201000.08.011
M Amaya40102020.33.015
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American League National League
MIA (3)0%
CHC (8)100%
aLI: 0.35 | aWE: .90