Hey, Remember Matt Harvey?


You may have forgotten about Matt Harvey. I did for a spell. Perhaps the title of this post struck a dower dour chord in your heart. Writing it certainly did.

This off-season, there will be a fair amount of wheelings and/or dealings. Some players will sign big contracts, some will sign small ones. Others will get traded. And we will expel a lot of time and energy contemplating on what these happenings mean for those players and their respective teams.

But let us save a little time, and perhaps a little more energy contemplating on Matt Harvey. For with every day that passes, he grows stronger. He grows stronger and more eager and one step closer to doing shit like this again:


Heal fast, Matt Harvey. We will continue to remember you.

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Damaso's Burnt Shirt
Damaso's Burnt Shirt

Light the corners of the plate
Misty water-colored memories
Of the way he threw
Scattered pitches,
Of the miles he put on his heat
Miles he blazed at the batters
For the way he threw