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Outfielders Galore this week … and Scott Sizemore.

Baseball lost one of its legends last week, a one-of-a-kind personality and character.

It’s an all-news week on Waiver Wire, with a bunch of recent signings and arbitration-avoidance deals to talk about. Carlos Ruiz and Bengie Molina step back behind the dish in Philly and San Fran, and Hunter Pence gets his payday from Houston, while Doug Davis returns to Milwaukee, and Pittsburgh gets a closer in Octavio Dotel. Check out our new Index, too!

How one Hall of Famer filled in for another and launched a third one’s career.

On Jan. 26, 1813, Juan Pablo Duarte was born. Duarte would go to a life as a leader in the movement to establish the Dominican Republic as an independent nation. In his honor, Richard brings you the All-Dominican Team.

Playing doctor always helps.

Jordan Lyles and the Houston Astros face off against Jarrod Parker and the Arizona Diamondbacks for prospect supremacy.

The final installment of my Fantasy Baseball Hall of Fame series

It stinks when you do good work and have little to show for it.

TUCK! brand toons, right here, every Thursday

The latest in the business of baseball.

A look at why we need a Pitch f/x based pitching metric and how we might go about doing so

Every pick affects every other pick, which affects every other pick, which affects…

Bonus TUCK! toons every Monday in January

Matthew and Steve are back, this time with a passel of pitcher pairings, from Pennock-Pettitte to Dickson-Darwin.

Introduction to a number of useful new tools for evaluating pitchers.

Let’s have some fun with names in this week’s Cooperstown Confidential.

An “All Request” Week on Waiver Wire.