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On March 11, 1901, John McGraw announced the signing of Tokohama, a Native American he hoped to deploy at second base for his Baltimore Orioles. That was just one of the transactional shenanigans that took place during this week of March.

Lisa is not optimistic about the Astros’ chances this season.

Man who sits on fence gets kicked from both sides

If this column only answered that question, it would be a short one.

Small things that could have big impacts on the Series.

Ryan wraps up THT’s LCS recaps by grappling with the Indians’ exit.

The first installment of Toons by Tuck.


A look at a few of the post season intentional walks to determine if they were good or bad moves.

Apparently, blowing a seven game lead with 17 to play wasn’t quite enough to make the Mets dump their manager, Willie Randolph. How much precedent is there for this decision and what will the future likely hold for Randolph?

How the Central was lost

John uses prediction markets to peer into the likely outcome of the most exciting division races.

Having collected a slewload of offensive splits from every team in the last half-century, Chris dives into it a second time to extract some of the more interesting nuggets.

Wherein Richard visits the Windy City, coming back with a few photos and a good deal of history.

Actually, it’s a bit of all three. Writing while dressed in sackcloth and ashes, I look at where it all went wrong for the 2007 Blue Jays.

You’d have thought it would, but in reality he’ll still get a nice juicy offer from someone, somewhere.

In this turbulent period, the two biggest-winning teams in modern history get there with very different levels of farm production, while a third franchise struggles mightily despite tremendous talent development.

It should be “pedal to the metal” in the City of Brotherly Love

General manager Tim Purpura and manager Phil Garner have fallen on their swords for the Astros’ poor season so far. Lisa chronicles how the franchise fell from the 2005 World Series to irrelevance.

A look at race and hiring practices for managers in the last 20 years.

Steve’s pulled that old shoebox full of snapshots down from the top shelf in the guest room closet … time to figure out who those little tykes were!