Today at THT

Things to read as you contemplate entropy:

  • Chris Jaffe has five questions about the Chicago White Sox. Question number six: Any plans to do a throwback day with the shorts and wide collars this year? Because I could get into that.
  • Evan Brunell’s Lost in Transactions. Apparently the Rangers read Posnanski, because they took a flier on Jimmy Gobble. The Gobblester in the Ballpark? They may have to come up with a whole new mathematics to calculate that ERA.
  • Adam Guttridge toys with a statistical model to help coach an individual pitcher. Read it; it’s kind of weird. I’m getting images of Leo Mazzone rockin’ and holding an iphone with Guttridge’s app on it and saying “Christ on a crutch! That boy needs to start mixin’ in more sliders!”
  • Over at Fantasy Focus, Victor Wang lists the NL prospects who could help out your fantasy team this year. I recommend picking them early and leaving the uncertainty of an Albert Pujols or Brandon Webb to others. Like me.
  • Finally, Marco Fujimoto plays roster doctor with a fella’s fantasy team, and has many solid recommendations. I brought my roster to Marco over the weekend and he referred me to a guy who shoots horses right on the racetrack. Upshot: I’m not liking my chances this year.

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