Worst Monday: A weekly contest

For fantasy owners in weekly leagues, nothing’s worse than a bad Monday—surveying the standings and finding that you’re already 20 points down… that your hitters compiled more K’s than a Duke basketball press release… that your starters pitched like promotional stars for “Up”… that your relievers rushed home baserunners like a hot take-out meal.

Well, we’ve decided to brighten one (un)lucky person’s day. Each week, we’ll put out the call for fantasy owners who had terrible, awful Mondays. The GM with the lowest point total for that Monday wins. To help set the person back on the right path, the winner will receive a year’s subscription to Heater Magazine.

For this contest, we’re concerned only with online points-based leagues with weekly scoring periods that start on Monday. Entering is easy:

1. Send an email to

2. Put Worst Monday in the subject line along with your Monday point total.

3. Attach a screen shot of your roster and their points scored for Monday. (You can paste the screen shot in a Word document and attach that.) We need the screen shot—don’t spell out the tallies in the email.

4. Add brief biographical material.

Entries that don’t meet these criteria will not be considered. Don’t submit an entry until all of Monday’s games are finished.

We’ll sift through the entries on Tuesday and announce the winner on Wednesday. We’ll award one subscription per week; ties will be broken through random draw.

Best of (bad) luck!

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love the idea.  Nothing better than sharing your fantasy shame with the world.